Vidya Bridge - Job Oriented Training Program हिंदी में

Vidya Bridge focused to create a new generation of competent professionals, who can face the challenges of International markets with confidence and enable them to take advantage of best emerging opportunities globally.

We are dedicated to uplift the career of students not getting any job or opportunity due to lack of knowledge, work experience and bare minimum skills required in industry or market place for starting a career.

Vidya Bridge provides training programs in diversified fields of Foreign Languages, Information Technology, Accounts & Finance and Other streams with theoretical and practical knowledge in different categories like Beginners, Medium Level or Expert Level Courses. These Programs are enriched by our knowledge, research along with strength of commercial experience and we maintain highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians, executives and consultants. Faculty deeply and minutely nurture the students on a day-to-day basis well designed mentoring sessions which focus to monitor students’ progress and take appropriate corrective action in case of any deviation from expected outcome.

VidyaBridge is initiative of BSN Infotech Private Limited a renowned IT and staffing Solutions Company in north India. Company working in the field of Information Technology, Web Portal Development, Software Solution, Mobile App Development, Call Center Management, Professional Training, e-Governance Projects and Staffing solution for various departments of Govt. of UP , Govt. of India and private sector.

Why choose VidyaBridge from BSN Infotech? हिंदी में

  1. BSN Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed IT company working for the past 19 years in the field of Software development, Mobile App, Website and ERP Solution in the of Education Accounting & Finance field for private and Government sector.
  2. BSN Infotech Pvt. Ltd is sucessfully providing experienced and skilled manpower to private and Government sector for the past 8 years.
  3. Based on our cutting-edge experience, we are fully aware of the career aspirations of candidates and map their aspirations and skills so that they will get success and achieve career growth as well as meet changing industry demands so as to bridge the skill gap.
  4. The IT Company collects Industrial data and track current market trends & their professional needs to meet requirement of Industries, society, organizations and current market needs.
  5. We realize the problems faced by inexperienced students and have devised an action plan to help him/her so that they get better professional opportunities.
  6. We provide different avenues for inexperienced students by providing a digital platform for training purposes, which is the basic need of the market and gives opportunity to students for Study from Home.
  7. BSN Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has completed 20,000 organizational survey and after analyzing reports we concluded that there is a huge lack of workforce possessing the necessary practical knowledge and industry experience. It further revealed the lack of accounting skills which hampers the growth of an organization. We are here to help in creating an experienced workforce and also cater to the needs of Accountants for the effective and efficient growth of an organization.
  8. Different sectors of Industry is having career opportunity as per demand for specific knowledge, experience and expertise but students are unable to take advantage of this due to lack of proper guidance in right direction. Our dedicated career counselling helps you to achieve your career goals.
  9. We have designed career oriented syllabus of our courses through expert trainers as per current market trends, practical knowledge of work and communication skills.
  10. Throughout the training period, our mentors and Team shall assist you whenever you need it and provide proper guidance in helping you achieve your goals in reaching your destination.
  11. Whenever the company brings its product to the market, it often has to face the shortage of trained staff. If you are trend, you can fulfill the requirement and interest of both the parties will be benefited.
  12. There are employment opportunities in every city, but people keep wandering due to lack of guidance in the right direction. Organization wants to train you in such a way so that you can be able to get employment in your own city.
  13. After training, you will be able to fulfill the responsibility of your family and get economic and social status by getting employment in your city according to your education.
  14. If you get trained by completing our career oriented course, then you can avoid social evils faced by students and you will not be exploited in any way.
  15. The company will help you online free support to choose a career according to your education and skills. You can get career related online opinion and suggestions without paying any fee for this.

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