Confidence Building Sessions


Personality makes humans different from each other and it is everything what you are and how you do things. Your first impression make huge impact and it result into build your overall reputation on anyone who interacts with you. You have to work regularly to improve your appearance, communication and way of presentation so that you can achieve better opportunity in your career prospects.

You and the interviewer must engage in a conversation - a mutual exchange of information and ideas. Only through such a dialogue can you both determine if you, the organization, and the job are well matched. We work, suggest and prepare you in such a way that you should perform better in an interview.

Target Audience

The course is aimed to address concerns of PUC students, (classes XII & XII) mainly between the age of 18-25 as also graduates and post graduate who have the degrees but not the skill to crack interviews & deliver at the work place. The main motive is to narrow the gap between degrees and skills in job related activities.

Career Position

The course is aimed at those graduates and post-graduates seeking entry-level openings who are able to crack interviews for any type of career opportunity.


  • Online Live Training with flexible schedules.
  • Learn from highly experienced experts.
  • Group discussions and free webinars.
  • Practice sessions, a demo, and a workshop.
  • Recorded videos of previous classes.
  • Live examples, audios, videos, case studies, group studies, practise Tests and interactive study tasks.
  • Adopting various strategies like presentations and extempore sessions in order to stimulate learning.
  • Action plan for performance improvement.
  • Quizzes and Question & Answer sessions.
  • Mock Interview sessions.
  • Counselling and mentoring of students in all requisite areas.
  • Enhancement of english speaking skills.


  • You are going to learn about communication skills, tips and tricks for interviews, and personal enhancement.
  • You may take courses that have been tailored particularly for you and learn how to enhance your personality and communication skills at the same time.
  • It will assist you in learning more about people and attending to them more effectively.
  • It will give your personality a confidence boost and Improve your body language.It will help you learn interviewing techniques and how to handle adverse situations during the interview.

1st Week

Module - 1   :  What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a part of your mental health and well-being. It’s based on your perceptions and the way that you think about yourself or your abilities. But remember, your own thoughts can be flawed. That’s why it’s important to always remember that self-confidence is rarely related to your actual skills or abilities – it’s actually all in your head!

A fuller definition is that self-confidence is the courage in yourself to make assured decisions. It’s a positive feeling about yourself, and how you fit in with the world around you, to make courageous actions.

Those courageous actions can be as big or small as you want. It all depends on your particular situation. Self-confidence issues can affect nearly everyone, from business professionals, colleagues, leaders, athletes, students, family members … you get the picture.

2nd Week

Module - 2   :   What does a lack of confidence look like?

A case of the “inner-doubts” can strike at any moment.

One second you might be high on life and feeling unstoppable. But the next, you’re paralyzed with the fear of failure. In most cases, a self-confidence deficiency is a simple problem to fix. In others, believing in yourself can seem like a monumental challenge. That’s especially true if self-confidence confidence-building activities will help.

For example, some people with low self-esteem talk negatively about themselves, while others go out of their way to make sure other people are pleased with them. In either case, a lack of personal worth and value can have a negative impact on life and wellness.

Some common signs or symptoms of low self-esteem/confidence include:

  • Lack of confidence
  • External locus of control
  • Negative social comparisons
  • Trouble asking for help
  • Worry and doubt
  • Difficulty accepting compliments
  • Negative self-talk
  • Fear of failure
  • Poor outlook of the future
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Being a people-pleaser

3rd Week

Module - 3   :   What are confidence-building activities?
Here are some confidence-building activities you can work on to build your self-confidence. If you want them to be successful, just be sure to take the time to try them out – it’s so easy to get distracted and feel unmotivated especially if you suffer from low self-confidence. However, they’re designed to be easy and thought-provoking so you can do them at any time in your life.

  1. Focus on your strengths
  2. Reward and praise yourself
  3. Slow down
  4. Express your feelings and needs
  5. Work with a counsellor
  6. Reflect on your past achievements
  7. Confide in a friend
  8. Meditate
  9. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  10. Listen to music

4th Week

Module - 4   :   Daily sessions to build your confidence

On those days, it can be hard to pull ourselves out of our shell and feel good in our skin — and when you’re feeling insecure, it can trickle into all areas of your life. Confidence is vital both in our personal and professional lives, and just as importantly, is the glue that holds together our relationship with ourselves. Sure, there are times that a period zit the size of a penny is going to make us not want to leave the house, but there are things you can do to forget about it — and that you can use to feel as confident as possible on a daily basis.

  • Say “Hi” first
  • Start your day with your favorite music
  • Give yourself credit
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Set goals for your day
  • Dress in clothes you love
  • Compete an act of self-care everyday

Course Features

  • 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on completion
  • Course Fee : Rs. 500/- + Tax
  • Lifetime Access Course Material
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