Communication and Soft Skills


Our objective is to design the wireframe of the course on Communication & Soft Skills is to ensure that prospective employment seekers are well equipped to enhance their communication skills and are able to write effective official e-mails to clients, stakeholders etc. We must not forget that in a totally wired world English communication and grooming skills make them job ready and raises their potential to perform.

Target Audience

The course is aimed to address concerns of PUC students, (classes XI & XII) mainly between the age of 18-25 as also graduates and post graduate who have the degrees but not the skill to crack interviews & deliver at the work place. The main motive is to narrow the gap between degrees and applying skills in job related activities.

Career Position

The course is aimed at those graduates, post-graduates seeking entry-level or mid-level openings and are able to crack interviews.


  • Online Live Training with flexible schedules
  • Learn from highly experienced Experts.
  • Group Discussions and Free Webinars.
  • Practice sessions, Demo and Workshop
  • Recorded Videos of Previous Classes.
  • Live examples, Audios, Videos, Case Studies, Group Study, Practice Tests and Interactive Study Tasks.
  • Adopting various strategies like Presentations and Extempore sessions in order to stimulate learning.
  • Action plan for performance improvement
  • Quizzes and Question- Answer sessions
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Writing CVs , proficient at writing effective emails and reports
  • Counseling and Mentoring of students in all requisite areas.
  • Enhancement of English speaking and writing skills


The course will help you become an effective communicator, deal with stage fright, provide you with the ability to make presentations and ensure you crack interviews.

Unit 1
  • How to improve spoken English
  • Role playing and delivering short speeches
Unit 2
  • Strengthen Vocabulary
  • Write essays and short blogs
  • Vocabulary exercises
Unit 3
  • Conversation Concepts
  • Tips on how to become an engaging conversationalist
Unit 4
  • Conversation – Hobbies, Family & Friends
  • Conversation – Work Routine & official conversations
  • Conversation – Formal & Informal
Unit 5
  • Group Discussion
  • Extempore Presentation
  • Express Yourself
Unit 1
  • Importance of Communication
Unit 2
  • Types of Communication
  • What kind of a communicator you are? Practical sessions
Unit 3
  • Listening Skills
Unit 4
  • How to Communicate in different settings?
Unit 5
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
Unit 6
  • Improving Communication
Unit 7
  • Practise, Demo and Workshop
Unit 1
  • Personality – Weaknesses & Strengths
  • Force Field Analysis
Unit 2
  • Confidence Building Techniques
  • Trust Building Techniques
Unit 3
  • Frustration & Failure Management
  • Management of Expectations
Unit 4
  • Past & Future – Overcoming Pains & Illusions
  • Reasoning & Logical System Development
Unit 5
  • Motivation & Situational Awareness
  • Control your Mind & Overcoming Fears
Unit 6
  • Workshop & Seminars
Unit 1
  • Types & Importance
Unit 2
  • Effective CV Writing
  • Samples & References
Unit 3
  • Interview Cracking
  • Mind-set & Strategy
Unit 4
  • Winning Techniques
  • Body Language & Rehearsals
Unit 5
  • Mock Interview Sessions

Course Features

  • 8 Weeks
  • Certificate on completion
  • Course Fee : Rs. 3000/- + Tax
  • Lifetime Access Course Material
  • Interactive Doubt Resolution
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